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    Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors

    1). Government Affairs Committee
    Mission :
    To influence the political process in a manner that promotes and stimulates economic growth in Sublette County, Wyoming.

    PLEASE NOTE : General Election forum Thursday November 3, 7:00PM in Big Piney - Fine Arts Auditorium.

    VOTE on Tuesday November 8th!

    Members Include :  Jackie Downie, Nora Farrand, Josh Hattan, Chase Harber, Malenda Hoelscher, Sarah Hunt, Kerry Majhanovich, Tate Rosenbush, Dave Smith, Paul Ulrich, and Jennifer Zook.

    1) Education: continuously educate (first) members, and (second) general community on topics, issues and candidates, etc.
    2) Communication: act as the liaison with local, state, and federal officials and the business community; communicate
    positions on legislation to membership and general community when appropriate.
    3) Relationships: maintain and build relationships with elected officials at the local, state and federal levels.

    2).  Chamber Ambassador Committee
    A Chamber Ambassador:
    1) Enhances the Chamber of Commerce through their involvement and visibility in the community at large.
    2) Encourages communication among the Chamber and community members.
    3) Assists in membership maintenance and promotion.
    4) Assists in and promotes Chamber events and activities. 
    Members Include :  Sally Heath, Amanda Key, Joan Balue, Gretchen Mastin
    For more information and to be more involved in one of these committees,
    contact Rachel Grimes, Chamber Executive Director (307) 367-2242
  • Check out our current Strategic Plan (see PDF file below). 

    Learn about where the Chamber is headed and what its plans are for the coming years! Get involved - join a committee!