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Central Supply Manager

Sublette County Health, Hennick Street, Pinedale, WY, USA

Job Type

Summary Description:
The Central Supply Manager is responsible for the purchasing, distributing, and tracking of all supplies,
inventory, and equipment needed by Sublette County Hospital District. Determines reliable sources of
supplies, approves purchase orders, and supervises the control of price and quality in accordance with
purchasing policies and procedures. Will direct receiving and distribution of materials, supplies and
equipment as well as biomedical equipment servicing.
Supervision Received: Reports Directly to the Director of Facilities

About the Role

1. Knowledge and utilization of leadership, management, and teambuilding tools to ensure
department personnel as well as other SCH staff work together to ensure success.
2. Act as liaison between departments for material, supply and equipment par levels and centralized
usage to maintain quality and reduce costs.
3. Supervise materials management staff to ensure proper scheduling, training, execution of duties.
4. Review daily requests for equipment, supplies and other items to purchase.
5. Research vendors, catalogs, and internet sources to find and order appropriate contracts,
supplies and equipment. Assist with interviewing vendors and negotiating pricing.
6. Aids in the development and implementation of policies, procedures, and processes to sustain
and to improve Inventory Management services quality, productivity, and efficiency.
7. Conduct monthly, quarterly, and annual inventories.
8. Track end of month outdates and product recalls.
9. Enter proper inventory controls and data into computer system and follow inventory through
computer system to maintain accurate counts.
10. Complete end of month software reports and postings according to policy.
11. Keep all departments stocked with supplies needed to perform their daily duties.
12. Update and review charge codes to ensure accuracy with both charges and inventory tracking.
13. Assists in communicating purchasing procedures to departments, assists departments in
completing requisitions and orders.
14. Proficient with all duties and responsibilities performed by the receiving/shipping techs.


15. Attends assigned training, department, and committee meetings.
16. Oversees New Product Committee meetings.
17. Aids in selecting and completing Process Improvement and Quality Assurance projects.
18. Aids in selecting and completing department goals.
19. Reports safety issues/concerns appropriately and in a timely manner.
20. Organizes work and resources to achieve desired department goals.
21. Completes annual competency evaluations and required trainings.
22. Maintains compliance with all regulatory standards for areas of responsibility of this position, and
assures department remains prepared for unannounced surveys.
23. Assists Director of Facilities in other projects as needed.

1. High School diploma or equivalent
2. 2 to 3 years of experience in inventory analysis and control.
3. Supervisory experience preferred.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

1. Professional oral and written communication.
2. Able to read, write and communicate fluently in English.
3. Strong customer service skills to interact with both internal and external customers.
4. Strong multi-tasking skills with the ease of changing directions upon request and need.
5. Promote a cooperative and congenial work environment.
6. Analytical thought process to resolve problems with little to no supervision.
7. Become proficient with proprietary software systems.
8. Excellent contract/pricing negotiation skills.
9. Ability to work in a team-oriented environment, communicate effectively, and demonstrate
sensitivity to patients, visitors, and staff.

10. Comply with HIPAA and other federal, state, and local regulations, as well as maintain the highest
degree of confidentiality in patient and staff matters.

Working Conditions:
1. Subject to varying situations including ability to understand and respond appropriately, effectively,
and sensitively to special population groups, including those defined by race, ethnicity, language,
age, sex, sexual orientation, economic standing, etc.
2. Frequent contact with a variety of people including prisoners and people with mental, emotional,
and physical disabilities.
3. Medical office, exam room, laboratory, radiology, emergency room and professional practice
settings. Frequent exposure to communicable diseases and other conditions common to rural
clinic environments.
4. May require working long hours in an office environment at a computer and possibly answering
high volumes of phone calls. Requires ability to handle customer or employee complaints in a
professional manner.
5. May require travel between District sites.

Physical Demands:
Varied activities including moving, reaching, bending, and lifting. Also requires manual and finger
dexterity, and eye-hand coordination. Requires standing and moving for extensive periods of time.
Occasionally moves and transports items weighing up to 50 pounds without assistance. Requires
corrected vision and hearing to normal range. This position frequently requires working under stressful
conditions and irregular hours. Year-round highway travel between clinics and other facilities throughout
the district is required.
The above statements are intended to describe the general nature and level of work being performed by
persons assigned to this job. This document is not intended to be an exhaustive list of all responsibilities,
skills, and working conditions for the persons so classified. Responsibilities, knowledge, skills, abilities
and working conditions may change as needs evolve.



1. High School diploma or equivalent

2. 2 to 3 years of experience in inventory analysis and control.

3. Supervisory experience preferred.

About the Company

How to Apply:
All interested parties should contact Julie Bell at Please include an
application and resume.

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