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CT Technologist

Job Type

Full Time-

About the Role

Computed Tomography Technologists referred to as (CT) are responsible for performing CT procedures
and producing diagnostic quality images at a technical level not requiring constant supervision.
Technologists will perform a variety of technical procedures that require independent judgment,
ingenuity, and initiative in applying prescribed ionizing radiation for radiographic diagnosis and assumes
responsibility for designated area or procedures as required or limited by licensure.
1. Perform diagnostic computerized tomographic imaging exams as requested by providers to aid in
the diagnosis of patient conditions in accordance with departmental protocols.
2. Optimize computer images to enhance diagnostic information for Radiologist interpretation.
3. Ability to obtain IV access and properly inject IV contrast for the enhancement of CT images.
4. Complete a medically acceptable exam in a minimum amount of time while producing the
maximum amount of information.
5. Operate appropriate CT equipment safely and proficiently.
6. Utilize appropriate technical factors to obtain quality images while delivering the lowest possible
radiation dose to the patient and assistants.
7. Display capability to modify positioning and technique in order to provide the radiologist/provider
with special images per their request.
8. Properly identify patients and exam being performed.
9. Effectively communicate preparation instructions to a variety of audiences (patients, providers
and other medical staff).
10. Screen female patients of child bearing age for pregnancy, and report all pregnancies to ordering
provider before performing examination.
11. Demonstrate a thorough understanding of all required paperwork, including all requisitions,
consent forms, logs, schedules, patient charts, PACS image archival, time sheet, forms, etc.
12. Properly mark all images with correct identifiers including patient name, birthday, MRN and any
other patient identifier as used by the district. Properly mark all films with correct positional and
orientation markers; e.g. (R) and (L) markers.
13. Maintain complete confidentiality.
14. Demonstrate proper body mechanics when moving/ lifting patients and supplies to ensure
employee and patient safety.
15. Understand that their position does not allow them to offer an opinion to the patient or a family
member regarding a radiological study. However, occasional discussion with the health team
regarding a professional opinion is permitted.
16. Provide a copy of current licensure to the Director of Radiology and to Human Resources.
17. Obtain continuing education credits required to uphold licensure and maintain certification in
18. Obtain insurance preauthorization for all CT exams to ensure the exams will be reimbursed in the
correct manner.



1. Education / Licensure

a. (RT) graduate from an AMA approved Radiologic program / school

b. (RT) Licensed with ARRT-advanced level certification with CT preferred

c. (RT) Licensed with the State of Wyoming without restrictions

d. (RT) Current CPR certification

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

1. Knowledge of county, state and national policies and procedures to ensure safety of self and


2. Knowledge to operate appropriate CT equipment proficiently and safely.

3. Knowledge to consistently and properly identify patients and ensure correct exam is being


4. Knowledge of common safety hazards and precautions to establish/maintain a safe work


5. Knowledge of current facility wide policies, infection control policies, ARRT standards and ethics

and all department specific policies/procedures.

6. Skill to perform the appropriate test with minimum exposure to the patient.

7. Skill to complete appropriate documentation.


8. Skill in applying and modifying the principles, methods and techniques of professional Radiologic

Technology to provide excellent patient care.

9. Ability to follow instructions.

10. Ability to work as a member of the “health care team.”

11. Ability to work independently and maintain personal and patient safety standards.

12. Ability to react calmly and effectively in emergency situations.

13. Ability to communicate clearly and effectively.

14. Ability to maintain confidentiality.

Working Conditions:

1. Subject to varying situations including ability to understand and respond appropriately, effectively

and sensitively to special population groups, including those defined by race, ethnicity, language,

age, sex, sexual orientation, economic standing, etc.

2. Frequent contact with a variety of people including prisoners and people with mental, emotional

and physical disabilities.

3. Medical office, exam room, laboratory, radiology, emergency room and professional practice

settings. Frequent exposure to communicable diseases and other conditions common to rural

clinic environments.

4. May require travel between District sites.

Physical Demands:

Varied activities including moving, reaching, bending, and lifting. Requires full range of body motion

including handling, moving, positioning and transporting patients. Also requires manual and finger

dexterity, and eye-hand coordination. Requires standing and moving for extensive periods of time.

Occasionally moves items weighing up to 50 pounds without assistance. Requires corrected vision and

hearing to normal range. This position frequently requires working under stressful conditions and

irregular hours. Year-round highway travel between clinics and other facilities throughout the district is


The above statements are intended to describe the general nature and level of work being performed by

persons assigned to this job. This document is not intended to be an exhaustive list of all responsibilities,

skills, and working conditions for the persons so classified. Responsibilities, knowledge, skills, abilities

and working conditions may change as needs evolve.

About the Company

How to Apply:
All interested parties should contact Kayla Bowers, Director of Radiology, at (307) 367-0045 or Please include an application and resume.

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