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Director of Facilities

Sublette County Health, Hennick Street, Pinedale, WY, USA

Job Type

Directs the performance of programs for all Sublette County Health’s facilities maintenance and grounds
keeping, Fleet maintenance, Central Supply, Environmental services, construction, security, and other
departments as assigned in the manner that will protect the public’s investment and support the Sublette
County Health’s operational objectives. This key position oversees but is not limited to all buildings and
improvements, grounds, utilities and mechanical/electrical systems, parking/roadways, equipment, and all
District owned vehicles. Helps to ensure safe and accessible health care facilities for the public.
Responsible for providing leadership, management, fiscal control, and integration of all facility operations
within Sublette County Health’s network.
Supervision Received: Reports directly to the Administrative Director Designee.
Supervision Provided: Directly supervises maintenance manager, Central Supply manager, grounds
keepers, housekeeping manager and other managers as assigned.

About the Role

General Responsibilities:
1. Develops a strategic plan for the department in alignment with overall organizational plan and
works with Administrator to create and maintain annual departmental budgets, to include capital
requests and expenses.
2. Develops departmental mission and vision statements, goals, objectives, and scope of services
for all facilities departments. Oversees the development and implementation of facilities services
departmental policies and procedures.
3. Develops performance standards for the departments and evaluates staff for compliance,
coaches, counsels, and disciplines staff to achieve mutually agreed upon goals and to ensure the
delivery of quality services.
4. Establishes a departmental dashboard to track, trend and report KPI’s. Works closely with Quality
department to ensure all Conditions of participation are met, quality and safety reports are
completed and initiates other reports required for departments to function.
5. Ensure compliance with federal regulations, standards and professional standards related to work
space design, labor, transport, and maintenance and operations of Facilities.
6. Helps with long-range planning to support future needs and growth and helps with plans for
renovations, additions, or new buildings, overseeing all contractors that work within the facility.
7. Supervises the staff and activities for the departments that are under the Director of Facilities
control. Oversees development of employee potential and delegates effectively.
8. Ensures all institutional permits, licenses and certificates are current and maintained (e.g., radios,
medical waste generator registration).

9. Ensures coverage for any off-hour’s emergencies related to facilities services departments.
10. Serves as Safety Coordinator for the District.
11. Attends Administration and leadership meetings and disseminates information as needed.

Maintenance/Grounds/Fleet Maintenance/Safety Responsibilities:
1. Maintains mechanical, electrical, controls systems and District vehicles. Coordinates and orders
contracted services as needed to accomplish repairs.
2. Using manufacturers’ recommendations and job knowledge, establishes and carries out a
preventative maintenance program for the physical plant, tools, equipment for which this position
has responsibility.
3. Serves at times as project director, assuring federal and state contract compliance, timely
completion of tasks, and satisfactory sub-contractor performance of any construction and
4. Acts a liaison with city, county, state, and federal officials as it relates to fire, security, and
occupational safety when necessary.
5. Oversees the performance of maintenance of buildings, parking, walkway, and all District sites
6. Establishes and maintains required maintenance supplies and parts inventory to meet supply
needs and works within the budget constraints. Ensures that all campus safety hazards are
corrected in a timely manner.
7. Establishes and maintains required maintenance records and ensures that the correction of all
campus safety hazards is reported and recorded according to polices and procedures.
8. Maintains and enforces all applicable WDOH and OSHA programs, including overseeing SDS
library for all departments.
9. Arranges all repairs of facility, grounds, custodial equipment, and vehicles. Communicates and
coordinates facility maintenance activities with required department managers and the Sublette
County Maintenance Department.
Central Supply Responsibilities:
1. Works with Accounts Payable department to set up accounts with vendors and local businesses.
This includes procuring the necessary equipment to complete facility upkeep.
2. Supervises materials management staff to ensure proper scheduling, training, execution of duties
and provide coaching and counseling as needed.
3. Ensured that proper Central Supply department policies and procedures are in place.

4. Develops and maintains inventory control processes, biomedical engineering processes and all
other procurement processes.

Environmental Services Responsibilities:
1. Calculates EVS departmental costs for new buildings or expansions.
2. Integrates infection prevention and control guidelines and standards within environmental
hygiene operations, including waste management, laundry and design and construction plans.
3. Demonstrates working knowledge of health care life cycle analysis and costs to select and
maintain furniture, finishes, wall coverings fabrics, window treatments, curtains, floor coverings
and privacy/cubicle curtains.
4. Develops a comprehensive waste management program to include, but not limited to, goals,
operation requirements, reporting procedures, manifests, and documentation for all forms of
5. Sets the standard for cleaning for offsite care buildings to ensure competencies to meet
standards and regulations.
6. Oversees performance of all contractors for external care sites where environmental hygiene is

1. Bachelor’s degree or Associates degree or other post-secondary education preferred or equivalent
work experience.
2. Minimum of 3 to 5 years’ experience in facilities maintenance including supervision and inspection
of construction preferred or equivalent work experience.
3. Minimum of 1 year in a supervisory position.
4. Facilities maintenance of health care campuses experience desired.
5. Must maintain a valid driver’s license and clean driving record.
Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:
1. Knowledge of mechanical, electrical, air conditioning, and heating systems.
2. Knowledge of laws and regulatory requirements regarding health care facilities.
3. Knowledge of WDOH and OSHA requirements.

4. Skills to organize maintenance and environmental services activities in all situations, whether day-
to-day or in an emergency.
5. Knowledge of safety practices and hazardous conditions to provide a safe work environment.
6. Skills to demonstrate effective leadership competencies.
7. Excellent verbal and written communication skills with ability to prepare and deliver executive
level presentations.
8. Must be proficient in the use of the computer software used to perform necessary duties
Working Conditions:
1. Subject to varying situations including ability to understand and respond appropriately, effectively,
and sensitively to special population groups, including those defined by race, ethnicity, language,
age, sex, sexual orientation, economic standing, etc.
2. Frequent contact with a variety of people including prisoners and people with mental, emotional,
and physical disabilities.
3. Medical office, exam room, laboratory, radiology, emergency room and professional practice
settings. Frequent exposure to communicable diseases and other conditions common to rural
clinic environments.
4. Work environment involves exposure to unusual elements, potentially dangerous materials and
situations that require following extensive safety precautions and may include the use of
protective equipment.
5. May require travel between District sites.
Physical Demands:
Varied activities including moving, traversing, reaching, bending, and lifting. Requires full range of body
motion including handling, moving, positioning, and transporting patients. Also requires manual and
finger dexterity, and eye-hand coordination. Requires standing and moving for extensive periods of time.
Occasionally must move and transport items weighing up to 50 pounds without assistance. Requires
corrected vision and hearing to normal range. This position frequently requires working under stressful
conditions and irregular hours. Year-round highway travel between clinics and other facilities throughout
the district is required.
The above statements are intended to describe the general nature and level of work being performed by
persons assigned to this job. This document is not intended to be an exhaustive list of all responsibilities,
skills, and working conditions for the persons so classified. Responsibilities, knowledge, skills, abilities
and working conditions may change as needs evolve.



1. Bachelor’s degree or Associates degree or other post-secondary education preferred or equivalent

work experience.

2. Minimum of 3 to 5 years’ experience in facilities maintenance including supervision and inspection

of construction preferred or equivalent work experience.

3. Minimum of 1 year in a supervisory position.

4. Facilities maintenance of health care campuses experience desired.

5. Must maintain a valid driver’s license and clean driving record.

About the Company

How to Apply:
All interested parties should contact Julie Bell at Please include an
application and resume.

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